Jumat, 13 Februari 2015

Air Asia Plane Birthday Cake

IKA Bali Cake

Just finished a Birthday Cake for  a customer in Pecatu. Its an interesting project. We had to make a small Air Asia aero plane and placed it on top of the birthday cake.

The aeroplane is made out of fondant. We used edibla sugar paper for the logos. The difficulty of this cake is to imagine the sizes of the logos so that they suit to the plane before we made the plane.

So, finally it was not so bad, I think.

By the way, Bali is still in the rainy season. It is very humid here. Working with fondant is a challange. 

I hope the family could enjoy the cake eventhough they had to travel back quite far to Pecatu using motor cycle in this humidity.

Happy Birthday Reddi!!

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